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Client Feedback

Your Search is Over for an Immigration Lawyer

Like you right now, we want looking around for reviews and immigration lawyers. We interviewed with 3 lawyers, including Michael. The first one just seemed wishy washy, not organized, didn't ask good questions. The second one was an former immigrant from the same country as my spouse. We really wanted that to work out because of communication and understanding of culture but she gave bad and very inaccurate information about the process we needed to take and the fees were outrageous. Then we met with Michael. Very friendly, organized, extremely detail oriented and most importantly asked excellent questions and provided the information and assurance for the path we wanted. I had done a lot of research on the immigration process, which I recommend you to do too so you know if the lawyer is matching up with what you know so you choose better. Michael made sure all our paperwork was well in order. He stopped us even though we were confident we provided the right paperwork as he wasn't so sure about this or that, which he then did his own research and came back to correct us and thank god he did. The process was exactly as he said. He prepared everything immaculately in order with all the details and even probably going beyond what we needed. In the end, everything went extremely smoothly with no issues. He kept us in the loop with any contact with UCIS. Made copies of everything for our own records. Made sure we were ready for the interview itself with a rundown role-play practice. Clarified any questions and concerns we had. Well worth the fee and our time. I don't think it would have went as well if we didn't work with Michael. I am really glad we did. But don't take my word for it. Have a sit down with him and find out for yourself in that first meeting. You'll understand what I am talking about then! No regrets, whatsoever. Best choice right here.

– John